We asked art director Grace Eden to shoot our Winter Capsule collection and use herself as a prop! The results are spectacular.

LF- Could you please let us know a little bit about your background?

GE- Since my degree in fashion communications I’ve flitted between the fashion and design industries. At one point working in a private gallery and at another I collaborated with a friend on a leather accessories label. Art direction has always been an element of my working life, but in the past year it’s become to take centre stage.

LF- What drew you into set design and styling art direction?

GE- Many things but the principal reason is that it gives the opportunity to express ideas and create a reality that is perhaps more colourful / playful / perfect / glamorous than the one we live day-to-day.

LF- Your work is very considered and clean but with lots of depth and texture. Where do you draw your inspiration?

GE- All sorts of places. I try to regularly read books/essays on art and cultural theory. Ceramics and other forms of craft and sculpture offer a wealth of inspiration specifically in terms of materials and form. 20th century art, particularly Italian art, design and cinema. I recently came across the photographer Franco Fontana, his dreamy colourful landscapes and other-worldly pool shots are my current big love.

LF- If you branched out into other disciplines what do you think you’d like to try next?

GE- I still have too much to learn in the art direction realm before I can think about moving on, however I do really need to practise my life drawing skills!

LF- What kind to art are you into? Have you seen anyone new and interesting lately?

GE- Art-wise the best thing I saw this year was Jonathan Anderson’s group exhibition ‘Disobedient Bodies’ at the Hepworth Wakefield. The curation, the layout and the catalogue helped you to look deeper at, understand better and find connections between what was on show. I came away feeling energised, the sign of a great exhibition.

LF- Where do you live in London? Can you recommend any good places to go around you?

GE- I live in Haggerston. Nearby we have the Howl at the Moon pub with live Irish music on Sundays, Towpath cafe in the summer months and my favourite Vietnamese, Hanoi Cafe. All fab spots.

To see more of Grace’s work please check out her website here