We were lucky enough to come across Laurie Maun’s work at an art market a few years ago, instantly being attracted to her use of soft colourways, and smooth shapes. Alongside her popular embroidered pillow series using Irish linen and her range of totes, Maun also creates a range of prints which are  available at our Hackney Road pop-up shop. Read our interview with Laurie below.


1. Can you tell us about your background and the path you took to where you are now?

My background is in Textile Design, specifically hand embroidery. I moved to London in 2014 to start work as an embroidery designer for various fashion designers but it wasn’t quite enough for me. I wanted more freedom and creative input so I spread myself out to become more of a multidisciplinary artist creating anything from greetings cards to 6ft hand embroidered wall hangings.

Its been a pretty natural process but I’ve slowly become my own brand which wasn’t what I expected would happen.

2. Do you have an idea of how your style has developed? Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I love colour, its been the main thread that runs through my designs from the beginning. Over the years my work has become more stripped back, using softer palettes and less chaotic design. Its forever evolving, which is pretty exciting.

My inspiration comes from day to day life, found objects, pleasing colour combinations but artists I’d say I look up to would include Milton Avery, Jean Arp and of course Matisse.

3. What would you say you’re most proud of so far?

I’m currently part of a pretty exciting 4-month residency at the Barbican which is part of their “Barbican Maker” scheme. The programme is designed to showcase the exciting work that is coming out of London at the moment and give designers the platform they need. There you’ll find a wide range of my products including cushions, bags and a number of exclusive one off Laurie Maun x Barbican wall hangings. Check it out, it’s up until October 1st.

4. Would you say you follow any kind of philosophy when it comes to creating your work?

Being an artist can put you in pretty a vulnerable place. You have to really trust your own aesthetic so I guess really believing and trusting my own taste is the philosophy I’ve decided to follow.

5. What’s next?

Hopefully a new homeware collection by September, some exciting new stockists and possible collaborations.

(Images: Laurie Maun)


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